Wednesday, 24 February 2010

January 2010

January has all been about moving house, coming from the outside and stepping through the door to settle into a new life.

Creating a home

After the process of unpacking comes the task on creating a home, putting my personal stamp on the place that makes it feel like mine. urniture was arranged, pictures went up, spaces got cleared and organised.

Endless trips to the hardware store for stuff, especially electrical as I move from 50Hz to 60Hz. Small details that are essential to live comfortably. One of the things that seems to happen with this much moving is the recreation of many of the same circumstances as before - a taste of the familiar in unfamiliar surroundings. Furniture arranged similarly, the same pictures on the walls, in the same rooms.

And yet among all that, the space is very different - now 2 storeys, more rooms, hard floors. A house rather than an apartment. Air conditioning in place of heating.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Deep in moving

This is a post for January, delayed due to the fact I was deep in unpacking boxes for much of the month. Moving - a time-consuming exercise in discovering your past. the boxes had a tag line on them: "Mobility made easy". A great lie in this game. there is nothing easy about international mobility. It takes months of your life and many hours of time spent packing, unpacking, organising and arranging. And here I am several weeks later and I'm still not completely unpacked.

But I now have the house turned into a home, and that's a step forward.