Friday, 30 April 2010

Interlude: an Easter break

Two weeks back home in the UK. A return like that makes one realise the things missed. The weather, mostly. Tropical weather doesn't really agree with me. And seasons. It's easy to miss seasons in a country that doesn't seem to have them. It was nice to catch signs of spring - bare trees leaving and the blossoming return of flower. and variation in temperature. As cold as 4C, as warm as 16C. All in 2 weeks. Colder than the Philippines, for sure, but as much variation as a whole year.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

March 2010

A simple subject - the evening light coming through the hallway curtains as projected onto the wall. As the evening draws in, there are a whole range of these interesting shadow patterns cast on various walls and surfaces in the house. It is a reflection of the particular quality of light that seems to abound here at this time. Something like late evening light in a n European summer, except much earlier in the year and at an earlier time of day - this was shot at about 4pm.

A new view of light

It may seem I've been neglecting this series but in fact I've just been neglecting blogging in general. march was a pretty quiet month, photographically. What has happened, though, is the slightly longer days have meant a move in the sun's position and a whole new sort of light around the place. just that extra half hour or so each end of the day seems to make quite a difference. Here are a few from around the place.