Monday, 30 November 2009

Living in a bubble

My first few weeks have been rather constrained. Early days at work, living in a hotel, no car and weather non-conducive to long walks. So I've tried to explore the small region as much as possible, taking some photos. My early environment is a largely commercial area, with affluent residential zones around, far from the "true" Philippines one sees on the news or in the papers. Will I be destined to spend my time here in comfortable isolation, living a life of relative privilege?

Time will come that I will be able to get out a travel around the country but for now it feels like I'm in a bubble.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

First impressions

An important part of this project is to gather my impressions from the very first. On first arriving in Manila, I was immediately drawn to thinking of comparisons with India and Mexico. The Philippines seem a whole lot less confusing on first impression, which may have been a reflection on arriving on a Sunday. Very little traffic, less people milling around the airport than I've seen at other major international airports. Everything seems clean and organised. It's hot, but a lot less humid than I was expecting, which makes the climate bearable.

No photographs at the airport - not something I've ever done. I get in and all I want to do is complete the journey and get to where I'm staying.

It also makes me realise how important time of day and jet lag can impact first impressions. I remember arriving in Mexico in the middle of the night after a long, long trip. Delhi was crazy hot and humid, busy, noisy, smelly. Manila was a pleasure by comparison.

Whisked along the main highway south to the commercial centre of Muntinlupa, to a nice hotel, gave me little time to see the real Manila.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

About this blog

Another new photography project for me but a specific, long term one with plenty of opportunity. I want to explore my relationship with the places around me, especially where I live, through photographs. This blog will be a collection of photographs I take over time together with my thoughts on what I see.

In time, I want to gather up one good photograph from each month over a period of years.

Moving recently proved to be an ideal opportunity to start this whole thing, new location and fresh views.

How does my relationship with a place change over time? How does that influence my photographs of that place? Do the photographs also influence my view of the place? I hope to explore these questions over time.